Photo by Julia Burnett (Luymes)

Curriculum Vitae

Megan is a painter based in Peterborough, Ontario. She grew up in Bridgenorth and returned to the area in 2012 after graduating from OCAD University (Toronto) with BFA in Drawing & Painting. The final year of her program was completed at OCADU’s studio in Florence, Italy. While abroad, Meg worked from small family photographs to produce portraits in acrylic and oil in sizes up to 7 feet in length. That year also sparked a deeper interest in abstract landscapes. Today, portraiture, landscape, still life and expressionistic abstraction are all represented in her ongoing production. Meg’s studio-gallery space, Hexagon Studios, is the home of her professional practice.

“I tend to develop multiple bodies of work concurrently with a range of subject matter. I favour oil paints and related traditional techniques but also employ acrylics, mixed media and collage approaches. Emulating the changeability of weather, both external and internal, my work embodies fragments of the emotional landscape. Season and mood have a strong influence on palette. I take particular interest in personal symbolism, and by extension, the ways in which we navigate imagination, dreaming, and other unseen aspects of existence. Some days this is reflected in a recognizable subject, and on other days, the idea guiding my brush is more abstract. That sense of freedom in the studio keeps me excited about painting.”

– July 2020