NOTE: Commission availability is very limited between September 2019 and January 2020. Please contact me to discuss your plans.

I accept commissions in any of my usual techniques and am open to working with a wide variety of subject matter, including abstraction, mixed media and collage, portraits of loved ones and pets, vacation photos, etc. If you have a special event coming up, we will need to initiate the project a couple of months in advance so that it is ready to hang by your deadline. No worries if you feel overwhelmed, I will guide the process in a direction that feels right to you. Please get in touch with me to start the conversation.


Size, medium, and subject details are required before I can put together a quote, as well as examples from my portfolio that you like and the reference image(s) that will be used. Please consider the framing/hanging method for your piece and let me know if the piece will need to be shipped.

My pricing structure considers the following:

  • Materials and labour
  • Administration (the commission process includes additional time and energy in working with the client)
  • Market value, including my experience, educational background, and sale history

If I am required to take my own photos of a subject, or do any extra setup (Photoshop work, putting together a still life, etc.), those work hours will be included in the quote. A deposit of 50% is required and full payment must be received before the work leaves the studio. The deposit covers project initiation, the purchase of materials and some of the labour, and indicates your commitment.

The Process

The delivery date (based on my availability) will be confirmed in writing before the project can get started. The more information and materials that you have prepared before initiation, the more quickly I can get painting. We will determine the subject matter, colour scheme, and any other little details before any materials are purchased and prepped. This is your special painting so specificity is encouraged.

Once we have all of the pieces of the puzzle in place, I will take care of the rest. Work-in-progress photos can be sent to you if desired– but please remember that beauty takes time. Many pieces have a significant “ugly duckling” phase, so if this would cause you worry, then you may want to wait to see the final product. Rest assured that I will be in contact if I need any further information from you before it’s finished. Photos of the final piece will be sent to you before you come to pick it up / before it is shipped out.

What You Bring

Any and all details you can provide at the outset are welcome. I have a photo scanner here at the studio for converting hard copies of photos and other two-dimensional materials into digital files. Normally, anything that can be scanned can be turned into a photo transfer or used as reference material (this includes letters and other personal documents, pieces of fabric, small objects, pressed flowers, and so on). If the piece needs to match a room or piece of furniture, then we create a mood board for the commissioned work from whatever details that you can provide. If you already have a Pinterest board or vision board begun, even better!

That said, if you’re looking to get a portrait done, there are some further considerations about image quality that I will discuss with you. In some cases it’s better for me to take my own reference photos.

Subject matter:

  • Photos from your personal collection: family members, pets, vacation photos, still life, etc.
  • Any personal text-based documentation over which you have ownership: letters, poetry, recipes, etc.
  • Patterns, wallpaper, and any other inspiration that you have collected
  • Specific elements from my other works that speak to you

Aspects for you to consider include:

  • Mood / atmosphere
  • Textures, patterns, and textile samples (photos are fine)
  • Colour palette, including accent colours – accurate paint chips are great
  • Symbolism that speaks to you, if applicable
  • Any colours/patterns you absolutely cannot stand

I am happy to provide guidance and answer any questions that arise.